Is your skin feeling tired, dry and less than youthful?

Use 'ZERO BS Face' as your night cream

Let ZERO BS feed your skin its natural diet while you sleep

Allow it to nourish, plump, soften and rejuvenate your skin 

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SKIN care revolution

We know that we are not for everyone, and we may offend some vegans. But we choose this route not without good reason: using animal fats is the only way to feed the skin its natural diet. 

In the space of Skincare Innovation, fashion trends lead many to seek plant-based solutions. For ZERO BS, ancient wisdom points to a different way — animal-based fats.

Sometimes, true revolution comes from returning to the place from which we all began.


The active ingredient in ZERO BS is TALLOW — rendered fat from grass-fed free-range cows.

Tallow is nutrient rich — packed with naturally-occurring Vitamins A, D, K & E. Plus, it contains fat soluble activators, Omega 3 and antioxidants.

Our skin produces Sebum, a 55% saturated fat that functions as a barrier layer, to moisturise and protect your skin.

Daily washing strips the skin of this natural moisturiser. The skin is left vulnerable to a number of conditions, for example excessive dryness.

Tallow, with its 55% saturated fat profile, has an almost identical molecular stucture to our sebum. This compatibility makes Tallow the perfect replacement for our skin's barrier layer.

origin story


The ZERO BS journey began when Warren adopted a four month old baby girl. In trying to treat her psoriasis, Warren wanted a natural alternative. But he found that the majority of skin products on the market are synthetic chemicals, or petroleum-based.

For Warren, something wonderful came from scratching his daughter's itch (to misquote an old saying). Always an avid chef, Warren started experimenting with traditional skincare recipes. He adapted a tallow-based recipe and little Hannah's skin improved remarkaby.

Longtime friend Yael convinced him his cream deserved to be shared more widely.  Time in the laboratory lead to the creation of a skincare range - ZERO BS.

ZERO BS is now available online as well as in pharmacies and health shops across the country.

Zero bs - a 360° approach

What you see is what you get

100% Natural Product with ZERO additives. ZERO Parabens. ZERO chemicals. In other words, no added BS.

ZERO BS is 100 percent biodegradable. Unlike petroleum-based skincare products, our impact on the environment amounts to ZERO

Aware of the high degree of BS claims in the skincare space, we will never include un-named, mis-named or unpronounceable ingredients. And we always print them in a typeface big enough to actually read!

grass-fed, grass finished

ethically sourced

The Tallow we use comes from a single source - Greenfields Farm in a pristine setting near MooiRiver, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Greenfields cows are certified free-range. They are grass-fed and free roaming, raised without hormones or antibiotics. Greenfields Farm embraces the priniciples of sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture.