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Boerseep of the future

The main ingredient in our ZERO BS soap, is nutrient rich Tallow that you will find in our full range of skin care products.

Ouma definitely knew what she was doing and science has proven her right.

Studies show tallow is biocompatible with human skin. Making it the perfect way to gently clean the skin without stripping it of it natural oils.

Our vitamin rich tallow soap is sourced from a free range farm, with only five ingredients, one of them is water.

Our ZERO BS Bar is a 3 in 1 Soap, Shampoo, Shaving Cream. Nourish your body with our hand-made, delicately fragranced soap bar. Our 100% natural product is sure to leave your skin and hair feeling soft, ph balanced and moisturised.

Our ZERO BS Bar contains only five natural ingredients. With no additives, artificial foaming agents or Lauryl Sulphates, our soap is perfect for use as a rich lathering hair shampoo and shaving foam.


This soap is fantastic. My skin feels nourished and moisturised - and the fact that all the ingredients are natural is an absolute bonus!
- Lindsy Marias